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NYS Physical Education Learning Standards for public comment

Dear colleagues,

The draft New York State Physical Education Learning Standards, which were developed over the past year with educators from NY State, are now up for public feedback. It is important to get input, so please help us promote the standards and survey. It will be up for input until November 1, 2019. Thank you!

Physical Education Standards Input

The New York State Education Department has released a draft of the New York State Physical Education Learning Standards  for public comment. The New York State Physical Education Learning Standards were developed through numerous phases of virtual and face-to-face meetings with committees consisting of NYS educators, parents, curriculum specialists, school administrators, and college professors. Work on the new revised standards reflects the collaborative efforts and expertise of all the above constituents. These standards are the framework for the development of knowledge, skills, and social emotional learning that will enable students to transition into healthy and physically literate adults.


NYSED is accepting public comments on the draft standards through November 1. Visit our NYS Physical Education Learning Standards Review web page to review the standards and submit comments.


For more information, contact the Office of Curriculum and Instruction at (518) 474-5922 or emscurric@nysed.gov

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