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5 ways school leaders can make the most of Twitter

The impact of social media on all of our lives continues to grow at an alarming rate. Sometimes it can be a struggle to retain our students attention for a single period yes social media can keep their interest for hours on end. How do we as educators leverage this technology to improve the education experience of out students. The following excerpt applies this question to Twitter specifically, but can will help in a better understanding on how to handle any social media platform.

From “5 ways school leaders can make the most of Twitter” by By Kate Schimel at www.educationdrive.com

Ask any teacher and you’re likely to hear about the persistent presence of social media in their students’ lives, for better or worse. But ask about their school leaders and you’re far more likely to get a shrug of the shoulders. The force that has transformed the way teenagers interact with each other has far less sway over the people heading up those students’ schools.

But Scott McLeod, a former teacher and currently the Director of Learning, Teaching, and Innovation for Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency in Iowa, says that shouldn’t be the case. School administrators, he says, can use the tool both to communicate with members of the community and to further their own professional development.

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